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Presented by Mike Borash 

We want to welcome you to a day of learning about addiction. Our intent is to offer a new lens with which to view addictions and their treatment. Many of us have been touched by addictions in our professional and even personal lives. We form attitudes about alcohol, porn and drug problems that may not be helpful when we encounter individuals suffering from addictive disorders. Mike Borash, an international trainer, workshop presenter and addiction treatment specialist will share new research that has led to a much clearer understanding of the problem, the implications, and the treatment protocols.

Attendees will learn:

  • clear and concise definition of addiction.

  • The role of trauma and anxiety in the susceptibility and onset of addictive behaviours.

  • A brief history of addiction treatment (from moral weakness to medical model, to harm reduction).

  • Brain chemistry as it relates to substance abuse and behavioural addiction.

  • About Motivational Interviewing, treatment and the nuances of life after addiction.

  • The necessity of relational support in dealing with and overcoming an addictive disorder.

We promise you an amazing day of growth, new insights and
greater clarity in your understanding and approach to dealing
with addiction.

About Mike Borash click here

On a personal note, I want to share that I participated in Mike's addiction training many years ago. However, it was only two years ago, when we both presented at the Imago International Conference in South Korea, that I formed a more personal connection with Mike. His gentle soul and wisdom are truly captivating. Since then, I have been in discussions with him about the possibility of co-facilitating a course together in London. It is with great delight that this vision is coming to life this April! Do not miss this opportunity. Mike has actually already retired, so this might be your last chance to experience his brilliance.

Location: London
Time: 9:00-17:30
Fees for 15th April days: £200
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