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Small Steps To

Great Parenting

An Essential Guide for Busy Parents

"Full of cutting-edge information about what to do and examples showing how to do it. We recommend this book to all who want to learn how to navigate their relationships better."

Harville Hendrix PhD and Helen Lakely Hunt PhD, bestselling authors of Giving the Love that Heals.

Publisher: Swan & Horn


The Lost Book 

Turning Frustration to Adventure

The Lost Book tells the story of 9 year-old Lev who turns a frustrating event (mum says “no”) into a family adventure. This charming and highly original tale, aimed at 4-8 years old, demonstrates to children and parents alike how frustration can be turned into a creative and positive experience.


The story contains important messages for children such as (1) There are always other options and solutions (even if it doesn’t feel like that sometimes), (2) “No” is also an answer, and (3) children can turn frustration into creativity. 

Moreover, the story contains tips and ideas that are simple, practical and yet vital for parents such as (1) how to communicate in a healthy way by saying “no” to children’s requests, (2) how to encourage children to read and (3) how to encourage children's creativity, imagination, and a love for books. You will not believe how much of a positive transformation a parents can create by changing the way they experience reading with their child.

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