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Getting The Love You Want

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May 4th and 5th, 2024

Location: London 

Now is the time...

Whether you want to make a good relationship better, heal a broken relationship, or prevent a new relationship from potential pitfalls, this popular workshop for couples can make all the difference.

Through lectures, demonstrations, as well as writing and communication exercises you share with partner, you’ll explore some of your emotional history, and learn how that influences both the reason you chose your partner, and also the reasons you may struggle. You and your partner journey down this road together, exploring your work privately with each other. This is NOT group therapy. Sharing of personal information within the larger group is not required.

Most couples don’t know what to do when the blush of romantic love wears off and they find themselves in a painful power struggle, wondering what happened and what to do about it. This workshop not only answers the questions you may have, but more importantly, gives you the skills and tools you need to restore the love and commitment needed to create the relationship of your dreams. You will look at relationships in an entirely new and exciting way after this transformational weekend.


This is a small group setting; since it is not a private therapy session we therefore can not spend unlimited time assisting any individual couple. However, we purposefully keep the group size in our workshops limited. This intimate setting allows us to be available to all of our participants if they have any questions and/or may need some assistance with the exercises. 

May 4th & 5th 29th, 2024
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"Discovering the Imago approach

was an enlightening experience for

me and my wife. We become closer more than we ever thought possible."

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