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Parenting Advisor

Great parenting is within reach

Being a parent is one of the most exciting, joyful, and amazing journeys one can have in life. At the same time, the emotional involvement and the inevitable challenges in being a parent (and also being a partner, housekeeper/ provider at the same time) can make it a stressful experience on occasion. In addition, each one of us brings his/her own history from our own childhood experiences, which are not always in line with our partner's. 


Whether you have some specific challenges with your children, some disagreements with your partner about parenting, or want to expand your knowledge about your role as a parent for a specific age/stage of development, I invite you to participate in an introductory session. 


During the 2-hour introductory session we will discuss your child/children, your style of parenting, and the challenges you experience. Accordingly, we will tailor a specific plan for you to work with. This plan will provide you with knowledge, skills, and tips to help you overcome any challenges. Depending on your specific challenges, we will discuss the need for follow-up sessions. Follow-up sessions are usually an hour long (unless you prefer a couple therapy session). 


I believe each parent wants the best for his/her children, and the fact you are reading these lines means that you are a caring, and loving parent who wants to be an even better one. I invite you to meet me in a welcoming, warm and relaxed environment that will help you to achieve exactly that.

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