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Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari is frequently featured in national press, print and digital for her approach to couple relationships and parenting topics. Some of the latest articles can be found below.  

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‘Dating Rust-Out’ Is Real & It’s Ruining My Love Life

What is 'dating rust-out'? What are the reasons for rust-out in dating? And what can you do about it? Check this article for my comments and suggestions. 


Should you stick to a ‘type’ while dating? Four women reveal what happened when they didn’t

Groundhogging is the latest dating term to enter our vernacular — and refers to people sticking to the same type of person when it comes to romantic relationships. 

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If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not invited to Christmas lunch

You can’t choose your family — but you can at least choose to uninvite a few unwanted members this Christmas. This year, the first family Christmas in two years, there’s the potential for a real blow-up. The hot topic that is set to divide families? Not religion, war or politics — but vaccinations.

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What HAS Covid done to our sex lives? From couples who can’t stand each other to singletons hitting the dating scene...

I was hosted at the Good Health show, (Mail Plus) to discus sex and relationships for couples who live together and partners who are not sharing the same household.

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Sex & relationships: 5 questions we kept asking therapists during lockdown

"We reached out to Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari

And the psychologist, author, and couples therapist came up trumps, revealing the five questions she was asked most during lockdown, as well as the answers she offered up. Prepare to feel extremely seen!"



Struggling to cope with spending extended periods at home? Experts share their tips on maintaining good relations with children and partners.

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Modern relationships: Meghan Markle and Stacey Dooley stand accused of the same ridiculous crime

The year is 2020, but the world still has an issue with women who “wear the trousers” in their relationships.

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Coronavirus: how to self-isolate with a partner – without it ending in disaster

Coronavirus lockdown has proven to be a recipe for cabin fever. Here, a relationship expert tells us how to turn self-isolation into an intensive couples therapy workshop. 



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Can Netflix’s Love Is Blind experiment really work?

Love Is Blind has had us totally gripped since it first landed on Netflix, with many of us questioning whether or not a relationship – let alone a marriage – can actually be sustained having fallen in love with someone before meeting them.


How To Stop Resentment Building in Your Relationship.

Occasional arguments can be a natural part of our relationships, but is there a way to avoid upset and imbalances before they develop into something more?

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How to plan a Valentine’s date that will actually make your relationship stronger


Relationship expert, psychologist and therapist, Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari, thinks that planning a perfect Valentine’s Day date can actually make your long-term relationship stronger.

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Negative self-talk: 5 ways to silence your toxic inner critic

Stuck in a negative self-talk spiral? Here’s what you can do about.


Can A Personality Test Help Me Find True Love? Let’s Find Out…

Maybe Myers-Briggs personality test could be the answer to finding my one true love without wasting any more time?

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