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"The establishment of a verbal narrative has been shown to be a critical part of the therapeutic process in that it not only helps children to make sense of their traumatic experience, but also helps them handle ongoing effects as they emerge across the lifespan.” 


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"Patients who, in the course of HBOT, suddenly recalled repressed traumatic memories of childhood sexual abuse. The surfacing of the repressed (dissociative) memories decades after the sexual abuse events was sudden and utterly surprising. …. As the memories surfaced, the physical pain related to FMS subsided.” 


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“Specifically, we found that chronic PTSD in adulthood may result from the confluence of childhood exposure to danger that is beyond children’s capacity for self-protection and self-comfort, in the context of lack of parental protection and comfort both at that time and afterwards” 


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"Transgenerational transmission is when an older person unconsciously externalizes his traumatized self onto a developing child’s personality. A child then becomes a reservoir for the unwanted, troublesome parts of an older generation. Because the elders have influence on a child, the child absorbs their wishes and expectations and is driven to act on them. It becomes the child’s task to mourn, to reverse the humiliation and feelings of helplessness pertaining to the trauma of his forebears” 


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